Wedding logo

Why wombats?

Because they sleep upside-down with their legs in the air.
Because they are burrowing marsupials.
Because they can run very fast, despite being chubby and lazy.
Because they are native to Australia, where Wala and Matteo met and fell in love.
And because we like them. A lot.

Read more about wombats on wikipedia.

Who is Jumbo? Who is Camelot?

You will meet both Jumbo and Camelot in person at our wedding, but for now suffice to say that they come from Australia. They will be flying from Italy to celebrate our wedding day with us.

What about the logo then?

Wala and Matteo designed the logo themselves using open-source free software. Their first attempt at creating a logo did not look too good, hence it is not shown here.

Because nobody really liked the first version of the logo, Wala and Matteo went back to the drawing board. The final logo took a while to develop... but it was worth it!

This logo was made by first taking a photo of a t-shirt that Matteo bought in Australia, which had a big stylized drawing of a wombat on the front.
The photo was then digitized, the outline of the wombat was cut out and converted into a vectorized outline using Inkscape.

With a bit of Inkscape magic, the vectorized wombat was then duplicated, mirrored, translated, scaled, and touched up a bit. A veil and a hat were drawn and then given to the two wombats. The resulting logo is what you see on this website, on the invitations, and throughout all our wedding paraphernalia.

What are a pair of mice doing in your logo?

There are no mice in our logo. Only wombats.

Have you being paying attention?