Getting there

Wala driving

If you are not in Ireland yet, then you will be flying to one of the airports listed below. The nearest airport to Macroom is Cork airport, only 35 minutes away. Dublin airport is the furthest one, but there is a brand new motorway from Dublin which will take you almost all the way to Macroom.

Once at the airport, your best bet is to hire a car and drive to the hotel so you are free to do what you want and can explore the beautiful surroundings for the duration of your stay. We recommend you stay at least two nights (Thurs and Fri) if you are travelling from outside of Ireland. A lot of guests will be staying three nights to do a bit of sightseeing and/or to celebrate Halloween together on the Saturday night! See the table below for distances and travel times from various airports.


Car hire:

Car hire available at all airports. Check airport websites. Book in advance to get good rates. We recommend for reasonable prices from Dublin airport.

To Macroom from: Travel Time Total Distance (km)
Dublin Airport 4 hr 5 min 309.49
Kerry Airport 0 hr 54 min 62.45
Cork Airport 0 hr 35 min 42.33
Shannon Airport 2 hr 31 min 148.23